Ampleur - Luxury White Cleansing Milk 200Ml

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Thick milk entangles makeup and dirt behind the skin. Cleansing milk that cleans off. PCA octyldodecyl, placenta extract, osmotic collagen. Rich blend of cosmetic ingredients such as squalane. Strengthen skin and nurture healthy skin. Leads to transparent skin. If you are worried about rough skin or dullness. Wet cotton instead of rinsing. Wipe with (cotton squeezed lightly with water). French style cotton method is recommended. Clean off old skin with makeup stains. Cleans up dullness and graininess, full of transparency. Smooth egg skin will be restored. How to use: At night, take an appropriate amount (4-5 pushes) onto a dry palm and apply it to gently massage the entire face. If dirt comes up, wipe it off with a damp cotton. Or rinse with water or lukewarm water. Amount used: 4-5 pushes per use. When used once a day, approximately 1.5 months

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