Dhc - Lip Serum 6G

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A gel-like essence that can be used whenever you are concerned about the condition of your lips. Botanical ingredients and beauty support ingredients gently protect delicate and rough lips and keep it healthy. It is a light feeling, but tightly attached to the lips with smooth texture. It wraps in the moisture veil, and prevents it from being damaged by drying. It is compact size tube, it is convenient not only for skin care at home in the morning and at night, but also for lip care at the place to carry on the go. With a single paint, we aim for a plump, glossy virgin lip. Olive virgin oil with excellent moisturizing and protective action , including squalane and palm oil ingredients from plants. Plus a collagen, a placenta with a moisturizing effect, a vitamin C derivative for adjusting the condition of the lips, and a vitamin E ingredient. Gently treat it while protecting delicate lips covered only with very thin mucous membranes from damage without sebum secretion. Convenient compact size tubing for mobile use. You can easily lip-care morning, noon, night, just by painting one time when you are concerned about the condition of your lips.

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