Bcl - Tsururi Scrub Soap For Body 80G

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Turn off dullness / knee dullness with French white mud and triple scrub formulation and polish everything. 100 % use of vegetable cleaning component, mineral oil. Brush your body, crankle white polished skin. The concave shape fitting to the elbow / knee pitched and three kinds of natural scrubs. Removes old surface skin including refreshing melanin which refreshes skin. To transparent skin without dullness. Moisture of plant white floral ingredients. White Lily (Madonna Lily Root extract), Gardenia Fruit extract, Camomile Flower extract. Moisturizing component - Argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil), honey, royal jelly extract, Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid Na) formulation. Tightness ingredient - Hamamelis leaf extract, arch chalk leaf extract, kiwi extract formulation. Scent of pure white floral. How to use: After wetting the soap with lukewarm water, do not rub the skin strongly. Wash so that the elbows, knees and extra horny quarters of the upper arm are polished. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. In order to prevent melt collapse, put it in a dry soap dish, etc. after use in a drainy condition. It may discolor by ultraviolet rays such as extremely high temperature, high humidity or fluorescent light, but there is no problem in terms of quality.

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