Dermacept By Dr. Zein Obagi - Derma Power X Eye Specialist 20G

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Zein Obagi. To eye care of the aging. Collagen (moisturizing ingredient) elastin (moisturizing ingredient) and a moisturizing ingredient superimposed on its own research. soft and Long-Lasting cream will make fine lines wrinkle less noticeable. In addition, eye special complex which considered the skin of the eye is plus. By pulling up and adjusting it to memorize shape, it gives you moisture and plump elasticity. How to use: Use after preparing your skin with milky lotion, milky lotion, cream etc in the morning and evening. Take an appropriate amount (for one grain of rice) and gently blend it outward from the center while paying attention so as not to enter the eyes. As you memorize the shape, it is recommended that you raise and adapt your eyes and keep it for a few seconds as it is. Besides the eyes, it is also an effective product for the mouth part you care. The skin of the eye is thin and delicate, let it blend gently without putting strength.

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