Rohto Mentholatum - De Ou Scalp Care Shampoo Refill 320G

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A medicated shampoo that cleans up sebum and dirt that clogged pores, and the smell of sweat. The germicidal component sterilizes the cause of odor and prevents the generation of sweat odor from hair and scalp. Contains medicinal charcoal (adsorbent). It adsorbs the original sebum and dirt of odor and leads to a refreshing and refreshing scalp. Thoroughly cleanse the sebum that is filled with the cleansing ingredients in the pores. A non-silicon formulation that considers scalp and hair. A refreshing citrus herb scent. How to use: After washing the hair with water or lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount. Wash the entire hair as if to massage the scalp, and then rinse thoroughly.

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