Ayura - Rhythm Concentrate Mask 6 Pcs

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A concentrated mask that adjusts the skin condition and leads to the impression of being pulled. fresh and Smooth serum penetrates well into the stratum corneum. Work on damage such as rough skin by ultraviolet rays and drying every day when we are busy and give skin moisture. How to use: Take the mask out of the bag, hold the knob and spread it slowly and carefully. Fold the eyes of the sheet outward. Place it on your face according to the position of your eyes, gently press down your nose and forehead in order to make it adhere to your skin. While holding the side of the nostril and the mouth, hold the part A, pull up toward the temple to lift the face line. Lay the sheet firmly on B and make it adhere to it. On the other side, stack the sheets on the back of the chin, and then adhere again. After about 10 minutes, remove the mask and apply the remaining serum to the skin.

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