Bulk Homme - The Scalp Serum 50Ml

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Release the scalp from dry problems. Concentrated moisturizing scalp care. Pursue how to keep the scalp moist. Realized non-water prescription which replaced purified water in prescription with collagen extract while maintaining light feeling of use. Useful ingredients eucalyptus extract formulated. It is a cosmetic solution for scalp that regulates the scalp environment by permeating moist and cosmetic ingredients to the stratum corneum. How to use: After towel drying, spray directly on the entire scalp. As a rule of thumb about 8-10 push. Massage while instilling so as to massage the scalp with the belly of the finger. Massage will loosen the scalp and make it easier for cosmetic solutions to penetrate. There is no dirt or sebum film immediately after shampooing, and the stratum corneum contains water and is in a soft state, so it is easy to absorb cosmetic ingredients, so recommend using it immediately after bathing.

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