Dejavu - Lasting-Fine New Bi Lasting-Fine Felt Liquid Glossy Black

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Film type: Repelling sebum, sweat, tears, strong against rubbing. Liquid type which changes to film with water repellent effect. However, when dropping it off with hot water. Freshly drawn glossy black line lasts for a long time. The film firmly guards from sebum, sweat, tears and rubbing a glittery jet black line. Felt thin felt easy to draw. It is a thin felt type pen tip with moderate elasticity, it does not blur camera shake. Moreover, it adopts the design that constant amount of liquid always comes out. It can be drawn smoothly without bleeding or blurring of the line. Eyes clearer with glossy lines. Off with hot water & pigment type. The film is off with hot water of about 40 degrees. It does not leave behind dullness (pigment) with a pigment type that does not dye the skin. In some cases it may be difficult to fall off if mixed with eye shadow, etc., drop it with your cleansing fee. Easy to the skin. Care for eyes with cosmetic ingredient formulation. Quick dry type. Even if you open your eyes immediately after painting, the line will not move to the eyelid.

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