Recore Serum - Dds Face Wash 100G

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Release the beauty. Natural beauty of the skin awakens. Goddess of beauty that leads to glowing, natural beauty of the skin. Recore Serum DDS is the skincare brand filled with wishes so we can be the goddess ourselves. May the beauty and health of your skin lead you to happiness. Removes the excess stains to clean and create skin filled with moisture that glows. Tanakura clay gently removes the stains to make the skin supple and smooth. Tanakura clay adsorbs sebum and stains on the skin surface fast and sufficiently and then flushes them off, removing unnecessary matter without excessive burden on the skin. Human stem cell culture extract (Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract) helps develop beautiful skin, while the permeable vitamin C derivative dedicated to human skin (Ascorbyl Propyl Hyaluronate) creates skin with moisture and firmness.

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