Honey Roa - Honey Lip Gommage 9G

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Massage with rich moisture of honey and sugar and doubles club (sugar, apricot) on the lips in which leather turnover and damage of rose gasha appeared. Take out old horny skin and prepare it with a moist and lustrous lips with plump purple. It is effective also when lip color is not clear, dry and vertical wrinkles are conspicuous, when you feel volume shortage. Smell of scent of honey. How to use: Apply a small pearl grain to your lip and massage gently for about 30 seconds to draw a spiral with your ring finger. Then gently press down with a tissue without rubbing and slowly peel off. Wipe off with wet cotton about 3 times in a certain direction. Rubbing to the left and right makes scrubbing difficult to take, so it is necessary to be careful.

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