Nahls - A-Cleans Cleansing Gel 200G

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Aging Care Cleansing & Facial Cleansing Gel. A cleansing gel that uses a mildly acidic amino acid-based cleansing ingredient that is gentler to the skin than soap. It is made under the supervision of a dermatologist, and uses less irritating ingredients so that it is often used for sensitive and dry skin. Clay (sea mud) adsorbs pore dirt and gold supports antioxidant. No need for double cleansing. Matsuek OK. How to use: Take a clean, clean, cherub-sized gel. The amount of gel is too much or too little NG. Point: Let's drop the part that is hard to fall off with exclusive remover, etc first. Apply gel to pearl making makeup evenly. Point: Hairline, face line, eyelash line, rim of eyelids, nose and so on are easy to make makeup. Let's make it especially polite. Rinse thoroughly with warm water close to water. Rinse with lukewarm water of around 30 ~ 35 C about 20 times. Point: Let's rinse with hand-covered lukewarm water (running water) without putting the shower directly on your face. Wipe the water gently so that it can be covered with a clean towel. Point: Keep moisture within 10 minutes after cleansing.

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