Loujene - Eyelashes 1 Pair 02 Middle Volume

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False eyelashes made of delicate fibers that melt into your own eyelashes. Center volume type that gives volume to black eyes with delicate hair bundles. How to use: Curls your eyelashes firmly from the base. Gently remove the false eyelashes from the tray and cut the length according to your eyes. The point is to cut 2-3mm shorter than the eye width. Apply a thin and even glue to the base of the false eyelashes. If only the inner and outer corners of the eye are oversized, it will be difficult to remove. When the glue dries a little, put it on the last part of the eyelash hairline, put on the eyelashes. Press it gently from the center of the eye to both sides, and blend it with your own eyelashes. How to remove: Gently remove from the outer corner of the eye. After removing the false eyelashes, remove the glue and store in the case. Can be used several times if handled carefully.

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