Rohto Mentholatum - De Ou Deodorant Roll On 50Ml - 2 Types

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Roll-on direct-coating antiperspirant. Care up to the age odor with the effect of functional perfume. morning paint and The effect lasts until night. Just stick with goron in decaball, sterilization, antiperspirant ingredients thoroughly block sweat, odor and Wakiga. No Fragrance Although some people may smell slightly after application, it is due to the base that makes up the formulation. Citrus Herb By the effect of functional fragrance, the effect will continue until the night painted in the morning. Scent of citrus herbs. How to use: After shaking the container well with a cap, apply an appropriate amount to the place where sweat easily goes like under the armpits. When the ball is difficult to rotate, use it with your fingers. After applying, dry clothes and wear clothes. After use, close the cap tightly. Pack Size - 50ml

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