Black Paint - Face Pore Washing Soap White Paint Natural Herbal 60G

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Cleansing, W facial cleansing, whisking all unnecessary. Dissolve with hot water and apply and finish with 20 seconds massage. A soap made by a craftworker born in Kyoto who also treats with 23 types of organic oil at the same time. Stick to the natural materials for the skin sticking to the natural ingredients, locked in the soap as it is without breaking the nutrition of oil with low temperature aging. Clean up makeup and pore stains, do not take too much skin's moisture. Like to give people who are concerned about their age skin carefully. How to use: Melt soap with hot water (roughly 40 seconds to 40 degrees). Melt and let the beauty ingredients adapt to your skin. Apply soap to your skin so that it will pack around avoiding the eyes directly from above the makeup. Spread the soap with wet hands and massage for about 20 seconds. Pore - anxious part is pushed into the pores. Wash around immediately around the eyes and rinse immediately before flushing. Since it is soap, assume it will enter the eyes. It is also recommended to wash away from top to bottom with a shower. Waterproof eye makeup can also be dropped with this one, recommend using with our vegetable oil if you want to enhance your eye's moisturizing, which is hard to fall down by all means.

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