Kose - Phil Naturnt Moist Shield Cream 45G

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Plenty of moisture effect sealed. Moisturizing cream that leads to skin with a smooth texture. Chronic dry skin, where the signal silencer component repeats dryness, makes the skin firm and smooth. Increases skin flexibility while preventing moisture transpiration. It spreads gently on the skin that is worried about the skin and powder. Use in the morning and evening. Moisturizing cream that blends in with a soft and gentle feel and seals a rich and moisturizing effect. It leads to soft skin with a smooth texture. Fragrance free, color free, paraben free. How to use: Use after lotion and serum. Take a pearl grain amount on your fingertips and apply to the skin so that it blends well. For parts that are particularly wrinkled, use lightly with your palm. It is more effective if they are stacked. Do not use if it does not fit your skin.

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