Slim Walk - Compression Socks 1 Pair - Black - M-L

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Tights that make your legs clear and your legs look clean. 120 denier back pile lining keeps your feet and belly around easy to cool. Was the entire leg in an extremely warm design with exothermic processing? A step pressure design that reduces pressure as it goes up from the ankle makes the legs light, thin and beautiful. Uses soft, high-count nylon thread. vUses deodorant fiber to prevent winter boots. At times like this: Long-term vehicle movements such as going out / long sitting / standing work / travel, business trips. How to use: Put your toes to the tip. Pull up to the ankle. Put the thumbs of both hands inside and pull them up little by little evenly. Raise one leg at a time. Its strong support, pull up slowly with caution. While standing, pull up to the inseam little by little. Pull up so that there is no gap in the crotch, and then pull up evenly to the waist. If there is a gap in the crotch, lower it to the ankle and then lift it again.

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