Bisosui - Repair Essence 120Ml

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Exclusive for High-concentration hydrogen dispenser. silicon compound and High-Performance serum that is developed for hydrogen. There is a reason why there had been no hydrogen serum up until now. The anticipated aging care (component, silicon) (silica) is abundantly mixed in. The main component of bisosui serum series is not water but rose water. How to Use: After charging the bisosui high-concentration hydrogen dispenser, add bisosui repair essence up to half the volume of the dispenser. Touch the switch at the bottom to generate hydrogen. While hydrogen is being generated, there is fine froth and the LED is illuminated (about 10 sec.) When the LED light goes off, the hydrogen serum is ready for use. In the morning, lightly spray bisosui on your face to complete your makeup, in addition to the basic skin care It fixes your makeup firmly. Spray bisosui to recover from skin damage during the day due to ultraviolet radiation and or dryness. You can apply it over your makeup. At night, spray bisosui to recover from skin damage accumulated through the day. Refresh your body and mind. Pack Size - 120ml

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