Bathclin - Onsen Bath Salt 5 Pcs - 8 Types

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Visit famous hot springs throughout the country at home. The brand concept of Japan's famous hot springs is turn your bath into that hot spring. A thorough investigation of the hot springs, ingredients, colors, aromas, emotions, etc. of each hot spring area selected carefully. It is a hot spring type bath that was born out of a joint project with the local community. Chikubi Healing forest and hot spring tour village. The calm scent of green leaves carried by the cool breeze from Mt. Milky white hot water. Kishu Ryujin A clean, hot spring village in the mountains of Japan. An elegant and clean flower scent drifting from the spring mountains. Milky pink hot water. Kurokawa A secret hot spring village in the mountain gorge that feels nostalgic. A gentle scent of wild flowers drifting in the refreshing breeze through the mountain stream of the Tanohara River. Green hot water. Mimakori Yubara Full of stars and wild outdoor bath village. Fresh fruit fragrances that were carefully nurtured during a leisurely time. Green hot water. Noboribetsu Carls A quiet valley village surrounded by mountains and the sea. The clear scent of the atmosphere drifting from the primeval forest of Orofure Pass in Japan's best ozone. Milky white hot water. Towada Ivy A village of literary men who gracefully stands in the primeval forest. A refreshing fresh green fragrance carried by a folding screen in the beech forest. Milky green hot water. Ureshino Three historic Japanese hot spring villages. Yukemuri with a leisurely drift and faint tangerine scent. Golden hot water. Yamashiro 1000 years of hot water and Kutani ware village. A sweet and elegant camellia scent carried by Kaga's refreshing breeze. Milky blue hot water. Pack Size - 30g x 5

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