Modish - Mamas Care With Baby Moist Lotion 80Ml

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Lotion that moisturizes skin with high concentration of moisturizing ingredients. It is a foam type that can be easily handled with one hand and spread on the skin. Maintenance after busy bathing is completed smoothly. Protects delicate skin from inflammation and dryness and enhances barrier function on the skin surface. Foam type lotion that is easy to spread on the skin. Can be used for the head, face and body. Prepare your skin moist and soft with daily care. The scent of lavender and chamomile. 98 % naturally derived ingredients / hypoallergenic / synthetic coloring & synthetic fragrance free / paraben free. Recommended for such people: For skin care from 0 years old. To dry the skin. For cleaning after busy bathing. When infant eczema and diaper rash are anxious. For sensitive skin that is prone to repeated rough skin. How to use: Take an appropriate amount and let it blend in with the part you care about.

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