Arimino - Caretrico Privy Shampoo 250Ml - 3 Types

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Salon's technology is also at home. Beautiful hair design. Airy Bounce Thin and delicate hair. Raise the hair from the root, feel like a bouncy fluffy. By supplementing PPT to hair and bringing one hair to stand up, it leads to fluffy hair with shine and elasticity. Moist Sleek No shiny, easy for hair with a pasa. Moisturizing from the core of the hair, supple feeling you want to touch. Damaged moisture retention function. By repairing CMC and quickly refilling moisture, it leads to supple hair with moisture. Slim Through Hair to swell and spread easily by habit. Smooth finger street, cohesive set in hands. Adjust the disturbance of the water balance which is the cause of the undulation, and guide it to shiny hair that is hard to be affected by humidity and gathers to the tip of the hair. Fragrance of flower forest spreading comfortably. How to use: After shampooing, apply moisture and apply appropriate amount from hair tip, let it apply to whole hair. After that, rub well and rinse thoroughly.

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