Dhc - Light & Smooth Conditioner Ex Refill 400Ml

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A conditioner that directly compensates for lost hair and leads to smooth and supple hair. While coating each hair, the nano-sized quickly adsorbs and penetrates into the damage hole. Moisturizes the core of the hair to prevent the damage from progressing and makes the hair look healthy. In addition to the three herbal extracts of sage, wild thyme and melissa, plant-derived camelina oil and plakashi oil are added. Gently wraps your hair and provides a smooth finger passage. Enjoy the fruity floral fragrance that spreads throughout your hair, with a luxurious blend of fresh fruit and flowers. How to use: After shampooing, drain lightly and apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair. Then rinse. At the beginning of use, fix the cap and turn the nozzle in the direction of the arrow to raise the head of the pump. Press the head several times until the contents come out.

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