Sokamocka - Concealer Spf 32 Pa+++ - 2 Types

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It is a concealer with a smooth texture that contains plenty of carefully selected natural ingredients. A soft focus effect that diffuses light, camouflaging fine wrinkles, pores, and other areas of concern on the skin. Elastic thin base that fits easily on the skin and covers areas of concern. With a smooth feel and good skin familiarity, you can use it without choosing any type of foundation. 5 additive-free products (paraben, synthetic fragrance, UV absorber, tar pigment, and mineral oil not used) considering the gentleness to the skin. How to use: Turn the dial to reveal the contents. Adjust the usage according to the range you want to cover. Apply directly to the skin with the tip of a brush, and blend with the fingertips to blur the border.

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