Watosa - Plump Lip - 2 Types

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For those who are not satisfied with lip balm, the lips moisturized all day with plenty of moisturizing power. A versatile 3 in 1 lip that can be used as a lip care, base, and lip gloss. Lips care while making up. With lips that spread gently, your lips can be instantly plumped and moisturized. Gives the lips a moderate stimulus and produces a beautiful and attractive mouth. Depending on makeup effect Contains plenty of beauty ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane, pearl seed extract, and elastin. Smoothens the lip surface to make the lips fresh and fluffy with inconspicuous vertical lines. Lip care for adults. Combination of lips and himefuuro extract promotes lip circulation. Leads to ruddy lips. Light texture that can be used like a lip balm, with a smooth, non-sticky feel. With mint oil, you can feel refreshed while applying. Elastic spatula tip type that makes it easy to outline the lips. Even though it can be applied well, it increases the adhesion and smoothes the lip surface for a long time. No.151 Translucent Clear transparency. Fine crystal pearls that do not put a burden on the lips diffuse the light and produce an elegant and natural luster. Brings out the original beauty of the lips. No.151 Sakura Petal-colored pink that is transparent. Highly transparent and pure innocence of cherry blossoms adds a bit of brightness to the expression. For lips with a good looking and pleasing volume like a girl. How to use: For lip care just like a lip balm, apply it thinly as a base for lip makeup, and change the texture as lip gloss from above the lip makeup. You can use it freely according to your mood and makeup. Even this one is a little sakura colored lips. Add brightness to the expression.

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