Yanagiya - Grass Mode Hair Gel Ultra Hard 240G

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Perfume with a persistent and persistent snap harder ultra hard. With excellent fixing power and moisture resistance, the hairstyle like a steel (hagane) gets caught as expected and lasts for a long time. Unscented Ultra Hard that does not mind the fragrance. Fiber supports and solidifies. High-polymerized fiber (styling component) reinforces the film of resin and reinforces the point hardness of the hair gel user, so it is excellent in set power. Gel elongation is good, prevention of flaking. The smoothness of highly polymerized fiber (styling component) improves gel elongation. It also prevents flaking (white powder floating) due to stickiness. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the whole hair or parts you want to use and arrange the hairstyle. After drying, do not pass brush or hand cushion. You can easily re-hair it with water.

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