Kose - Visee Cc Concealer - 2 Types

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Smoothly brush the sponge brush to cover your face perfectly. The CC concealer pen that shapes the zero-skin muscles. A lightly coated, uniform and durable film on the skin, which perfectly covers the CC (complete correction) concealer pen on the face of dark spots, dark circles and the like. Elite soft round sponge brush head, easy to use and easy to control, simple to complete zero makeup. Easily push open the texture of the uniform, long-lasting texture, naturally create zero-thick makeup. Natural muscles without makeup. Cooperate with beauty liquid ingredients to moisturize and moisturize skin. No fragrance. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalane (moisturizing). How to use: First use, twist the pen cover, pen neck up. Twist the pen tip to the right about 10 times until the concealer flows out. After using foundation, liquid, BB cream or cc cream. Gently apply to the area where you need concealing. flick and Spread with your fingers. After using, wipe the brush with a tissue. Close the pen cover to prevent dryness.

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