Transino - Medicated Whitening Day Protector Spf 35 Pa+++ 40Ml

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Contains whitening active ingredient tranexamic acid. Whitening + latex + sunscreen + makeup base effect. Comfortable feeling of use and familiarity with the skin. UV absorber-free (non-chemical formulation), SPF 35, PA+++ suitable for daily use. A prescription that is gentle on the skin. Hypoallergenic, unscented, uncolored. Whitening is to prevent the formation of melanin and to prevent spots and freckles. How to use: Use it after shaking well. At the end of your morning care, use a 1-yen coin as a guide and apply to the entire face. Estimated usage: 1 yen coin size (in the case of the whole face). This product can be used for about 80 days once a day.

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