Sofina - Jenne High Humidity Gel Emulsion For Mixed Skin 50G

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T zones sticky but their cheeks stick out. It would be nice to have skin care that can simultaneously treat hack and sticky. Newly reborn Sofina Genne realizes high moisturizing skin care for such mixed skin. The fusion of refreshing and moist. Oriental prescription not sticky to moisture. Non oily SC high moisture content Approaching Kasatsuki and Tacky in formulation. Extract essences of flowers that have been useful for beauty since ancient times. Eucalyptus extract: bring fresh moisture to your skin. Oubaku (kidney bark) extract: combine valuable tree extracts of more than 10 years old using their own extraction method . Tuberose polysaccharide, eucalyptus extract, oubaku (kihaeda bark) extract. A translucent gel with a thick texture like a sucking text when you take it with your fingers. It spread all over the skin, became familiar and was able to feel that the moisturizing ingredients penetrated. After touching your skin, you touch it, it gently moisturised while moist. Feeling like touching the baby's cheeks, felt enchanted by the feeling of my skin. The season of drying, the season which is sticky with sweat is also the item I'd like to patronize through a year. How to use: Apply appropriate amount to the whole face. Estimated usage: soy bean grain size.

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