Makanai Cosmetics - Gentle Moisturizing Hair Care Trial Set 2 Pcs

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Shampoo 30ml x 1 Treatment 25g x 1 Completely Additive Free Set of Shampoo and Treatment. Makanai Cosmetics thinks that hair care idea is similar to the theory of organic agriculture, which is like scalp is the field and hair is a crop. In order to grow hair beautifully, it is very necessary to give a correct care and nutrition to the scalp. Gagome kelp from Hokkaido, and Camellia Oil from Kagoshima, which are contained in both Shampoo and Treatment, moisturize hair and scalp gently. Shampoo and Treatment give resilience and lead to the strong and beautiful hair from the scalp to the hair tips. Makanai Cosmetics focuses on 100 % natural derived ingredients, and designs shampoo and treatment to keep strong and beautiful hair longer, even after 5 years, and 10 more years.

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