Cosme Station - Kumano Amino Acid Shampoo 500Ml

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Amino acids on hair, peptides firmly repair, moisturize shampoo. Hair is made of keratin. So supplement the keratin raw material amino acids with hair packs. Anti-inflammatory amino acid aminocaproic acid The antibacterial material cymene-5-ol improves the environment of the scalp. Raw material for keratin. Amino acid adsorbed on damaged parts of hair, restored damaged hair, moisturizing Hurricick. Plenty of natural PPT Keratin, Collagen and Silk penetrate into hair, gloss and finger street. Vitamin care to activate hair and scalp. Ascorbyl glucoside panthenol formulation. It blends 13 amino acids, natural moisturizing factors, to moisturize the hair. Wash your hair cleanly while compensating for amino acids and moisture. How to use: Turn the nozzle and raise the head, push it several times until the contents come out. Wet your hair and apply the appropriate amount to the whole hair, whisk and wash.

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