Dear Laura - Automatic Beauty Double Eyelid Color Petit Film Brown

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Attractive double eyelids by double eyelid cosmetics x eyeshadow color. Natural looking: Non-adhesive liquid, works like eye tape. Formulated with eyeshadow: Great match with your eye makeup, you can use over eye makeup. How to use: Shake AB Double Eyelid Color Petit Film well. Find the lines that will help you make double eyelids easily. Don't get greedy with the double eyelids' width. Apply the Double Eyelid Color Petit Film below the double eyelid lines you wish to make while matching the curve. This will make a membrane (film) on the surface of your eyelid. Use the stick to keep the double eyelid line in place and slowly open your eye. Carefully apply the finishing touches while ensuring that the membrane doesn't get wrinkled.

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