Bcl - Browlash Ex Slim Gel Pencil - 2 Types

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Soft gel formulation. Extra fine gel core, 24 hour durability test clear. Soft gel as it is to pencil. Extremely fine 2mm core gel core pencil eyeliner that can be delicately or boldly drawn. Pursuing the ease of drawing. Smoothing gel wax, soft and soft to melt, you can draw neatly. It is an ultra-fine 2 mm core, you can draw beautifully up to the eyelashes and between the eyelashes, aiming to the best of the eye. 24 hour durability test clear. durable and Volatile silicone prescription, the line drawn closely adhered. Keep beautiful lines up to 24 hours. Concentrated jet black line. Combine black pigment in luxury. Bring your eyes on Kiritsu and dignified eyes. It is strong against sweat, water, sebum. Convenient extended type. Moisturizing component: Hyaluronic acid Na, moisturizes the eyes with squalane combination. How to use: Use the core more than 2mm. Since the core is soft, it may break if it puts out too much.

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