Omi - Prima Bene Perfect Uv Gel N Spf 50 ++++ 80G

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Beauty oil ingredient combination. Blended with new raw material Platinum nanoparticles. Primabene Perfect UV Gel N is a completely new oil-soluble essence that is easy to stay on the skin and easy to stay on the skin. Leaving the functions such as strong UV cut, comfortable feeling of use, and gentleness to the skin intact. It is premium UV which protects skin from ultraviolet rays while preventing drying while blending platinum nanoparticles of new raw material in anticipation of heightening of moisturizing effect. How to use: Take an appropriate amount, please spread evenly on your skin. In order to keep the effect, please re-color it carefully. Re-wash it after wiping it with a handkerchief or towel or after swimming. When you drop, please wash carefully with soap and the like.

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