Kose - Maihada Hadajun Bb Cream Spf 30 Pa+++ - 2 Types

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It incorporates skincare ingredients of rice skin, while keeping makeup, it keeps moisture of the skin during the day, and moisture feeling and shiny feeling of freshly-cut continue. It expands and spreads freshly and lightly, and it covers firmly pores, spots and color unevenness though it is a natural finish like a sniff. 5 functions (essence, cream, sun protection, makeup foundation, foundation) can be completed with this one. Dusky until evening, beautiful skin color continues unknown. Non fragrance, mineral oil free, tar dye free, and weakly acidic. How to use: One push is appropriate amount. Take it to the palm of your hand, stretch it so that it fits all over your face from wide parts such as cheeks and wigs with your fingertips. Around the eyes, around the mouth, etc attention is pushed on parts that are worrisome so that it fits with your fingertips. Be sure to push the pump several times until the contents begin to be used. Pack Size - 30ml

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