No-Mu-Ba-Ra - Ki-Nu-Ba-Ra Silk & Rose Moisture Cream 30G

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Silk country, domestic silk 100 % extract of Gunma prefecture boasted by Japan. Damask rose water in Bulgaria, the origin of the world's best roses. Silk and Rose full of endless energy brought by nature. Two beauty sources create fresh, glossy skin. That is the KI - NU - BA - RA (Kinuubara) skin care series. Domestic silk extract and Rio's water from Enio Bonchev. Vaseline, Tasuku, mineral oil, rose oil added only cream. Vaseline and talc added to keep the viscosity of the cream. Mineral oil used what is recognized as a food additive in the United States. In order to enhance scent and preservability, we also add luxurious rose oil from Enio Bonchev. KI-NU-BA-RA silk: The silk extract used for KI-NU-BA-RA. It is a cotton made from silkworms eaten only non-pesticidal mulberry, and that cotton is boiled as it is. Chemicals? Liquid extracted using original technology that is not used at all. It is extremely delicate and difficult to handle silk amino acid that retains the characteristic properties and functions unique to the dream extract. Roses of KI-NU-BA-RA: Same as NO-MU-BA-RA, collected by Enio Bonchev, Steam distillation method with a rose water oven. It contains a lot of rose essential oil (essential oil). Since it contains about 0.1 % of the essential oil component which is 4 to 5 times the conventional rose water, Rose can expect many original effects. 100 % domestically produced silk, natural silk, chemical free, no pesticide, complete addition. As no antiseptic or antioxidant is used, use it after 2 to 3 months after opening, keep in cool dark place. How to use: After preparing your skin with lotion, warm up an appropriate amount (1 - 2 pearls of pearls) with your palm. Feel like massaging from face to neck. Finally, press down gently to wrap your face with the palm of your hand. When using foundation, use with tissue before pressing.

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