Dhc - Moisturizing Clear Soap 90G

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It is a washing face soap made from vegetable ingredients that gently moisturizes delicate skin while moisturizing it. What is common to all sensitive skin is the deterioration of barrier function. As the barrier function weakens, moisture is lost from the skin, making it easier for various skin troubles to occur. Cleaning ingredients of DHC Moisture Clear Soap are 100 % naturally occurring amino acid ingredients with very little irritation to the skin. Maintaining moisture of the skin While protecting NMF (natural moisturizing factor), only clean off dirt. Washing up is not tight, it is moist. Three moisturizing cosmetic ingredients such as amino acid-based moisturizing component derived from beet (sugar beet), trimethylglycine, olive virgin oil which becomes moisture's veil, urea which softens skin well, plus. It gives moisture that tends to be lost to sensitive skin, and creates a healthy skin. In addition, it combines natural bergamot essential oil. Every time you wash, the natural aroma of citrus fruits is slightly gentle. Foaming richly with creamy, it also features transparent transparency polished carefully one by one after over 40 days of aging. Pursued the goodness of comfort as well as the gentleness to the skin. Weak acidity same as the skin, preservative free. Try on your skin with the wash-feeling unique to DHC Moisture Clear Soap. How to use: Foam with the palm of your hand, wash so as to wrap the whole face with foam. Do rinse carefully. When you use lather net, it bubbles richer more.

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