Kose - Fasio Perfect Eyebrow N Liquid & Powder - 2 Types

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The eyebrows will not disappear until the night. It will not disappear. Beautiful eyebrows will be blurred and softly finished with liquid x powder. Resistant to rubbing, sweat, water and sebum, will not disappear until night. Liquid & powder eyebrow with a soft natural eyebrow until night. Powder is in the screw cap. Open it slowly. Step 1 Liquid: Although it is thin, it is hard to disappear. A thin line can be drawn one by one realistically. You can adjust to the desired depth by overlapping. Step 2 Powder: soft and Natural finish. You can easily draw an eyebrow that has been gently blurred. Touching the hair flow will increase the feeling of adhesion. The color stay component is ammonium acrylate copolymer.

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