Hanamisui - Inclear Feminine Cleansing Gel 3 Pcs

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Hypoallergenic transparent gel-type feminine cleanser you can use anywhere & anytime without water. hanamisui inclear Vaginal Cleansing Gel is a medical device certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. Recommended for those who are interested in keeping the vagina hygienic before and/or after menstrual period Are concerned about abnormal and/or unpleasant vaginal discharge & odor. Are suffering from vaginal dryness and/or itching. Are interested in constant care for the intimate area. Directions of Use: Use an applicator(single use only) two or three times a week. International Certificate: Medical Device class 2 in Korea by Ministry of Food & Drug Safety How to use: Wash your hands and tear the warpper along with the tear line Take out inclear Vaginal Cleanser approximately 1/3, and remove the cap by bending at a 45-degree angle inside of the wrapper. Insert inclear Vaginal Cleanser into vagina(approx. 1/3 of the applicator). Press the plunger till it stops to squeeze the gel. Take out the applicator and put it into the bin. Why should be sub-acid? The ph level of healthy women s vagina is between 3.8 - 4.5(sub-acid). You should always keep an eye on the ph level of your feminine care products. Please keep in mind that normal soaps or body cleansers (alkaline products) can disrupt vagina s pH balance! Litmus paper changes its color orange/yellow when acidity is sub-acid(strong acid: red, alkaline: blue). Let s dip the litmus paper into inclear Vaginal Cleanser for 3 minutes. The color of litmus paper is orange/yellow. It indicates that inclear Vaginal Cleanser is sub-acid.

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