Ipsa - Serum 0 50Ml

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A essence that leads to a clean, clean skin impression. A unique ingredient 0 (zero) -complex * 2 and a freshly permeating serum. 3 tightens the face line and cheek skin to make it easier to adjust for later care. Furthermore, a special 0 (zero) -method * 1 creates a comfortable flow. With a fresh and refreshing feel. It feels as if it is clear and refreshed as if it were evenly adjusted to a zero base. * 1 IPSA original massage method 2 Dokudami extract, star fruit extract, tea extract, glycerin (moisturizing ingredient) 3 Up to the stratum corneum How to use: Please use on the skin after face washing. Use the dispenser 3 times as a guide to your palm and apply it to your entire face with your fingertips. It will be more effective if you get used to massage.

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