Sofina - Grace Medicated High Moisturizing Lotion Whitening 140Ml - 3 Types

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Whitening active ingredient formulation. Suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. Keratin water retention prescription. Dry the keratin fibers in the stratum corneum cells that tend to become hard to hold moisture. The stratum corneum becomes soft and full of moisture. Tsukisaki culture Essence. About 3 years cultivation of cells of petals of the monthly incense under a harsh environment. The essence produced is blended into the high moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing: Tuberose polysaccharide, glycerin. Blending blood circulation component. Moist high penetration prescription to the stratum corneum. Organize the later used milky lotion more easily. Honokyu flower grass scent. How to use: Gently adapt it to the whole face gently (about 2.5 cm in diameter spreading in a circle).

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