Original - Medicated Bath Bathing Powder 30G - 5 Types

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Tar dye-free. Synthetic fragrance-free. Cypress Leaf The powder enhances bathing effect and promotes blood circulation. Contained Squalane moisturizes your skin while bathing. Also recommended for those who have hemorrhoids, rashes, and rough skin. The relaxing scent of natural Cypress Leaf. Mint Oil The scent of citrus orange peel, peppermint extract and natural yellow hot water eases and relieves muscle tension. Recommended for those who have back pain, rheumatism, and stiff shoulders. Silk Recommended for those who have rough skin, rashes and fatigue. The contained ingredients prevent drying after bathing and keep your skin moisturized. Silky textured water warms your body well and also keeps warm after bathing. The natural scent by plant-derived ingredients. Ginger Contained Ginger, Dried Citrus Peel, Fennel works on cold body, neuralgia and recovery from fatigue. The natural scent of Ginger Root Oil, blended Plant-derived Oils, and natural yellow water (V.B2 yellow by ginger) soothe your body and mind. Citron Pepper Yuzukosho (Citron Pepper) is made mainly from yuzu and Green chili peppers, and has been used as one of raw materials for bathing powder since ancient times becaus of its effect of enhancing the warm bathing and promoting blood circualtion. ORIGINAL added some more herbal extracts and made the bathing powder Citron Pepper. Natual citrus scent and light green colord water soothe the fatigue of the day and also are effective for recovery from fatigue, coldness, low back pain, etc. How to use: Take about 30g in bath water (for about 180L). Attached spoonful of powder is about 10g.

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